Change a Life.

Restoring a young woman’s life from the brokenness of oppression to the wholeness of beauty and dignity is a long road wrought with many challenges both from within her and from without.  One of her most basic challenges is how will she receive the training and education necessary to provide for herself in today’s economy.  Through the work-scholarship program Beauty for Ashes ensures that each girl’s basic needs are being met and that she is provided an atmosphere where she can grow and thrive in safety and love.  The first year a girl spends on her own is pivotal for the rest of her life.  During this year she will be placed in a safe and established family and receive counseling both in coping with the on-going emotional effects of her trauma and help in managing day to day life, such as budgeting, developing a good work ethic, and forming healthy interpersonal relationships.  She will also be given an educational internship or trade skill apprenticeship according to her gifting and passion, from which she will draw a salary.

The work scholarship program also offers you the opportunity to invest in her character development through exchanging letters, photos, or small gifts.  As she writes to you sharing each new accomplishment you can cheer alongside of her and provide her with encouragement for harder times and let her know that someone believes in her!  Through the work-scholarship program a life giving relationship is formed that enrich both lives.

We would love to have you partner with us in the work-scholarship program. Our greatest need at this point is for ongoing sponsorship. For only $250/month you can enter in and change a young woman’s story! Consider setting up a recurring donation below. Of course one-time gifts are appreciated as well.

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